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Chemical Biology, Harvard University, 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138Spec. Top. 223, 853-891 doi:10.1140/epjst/e2013-01818-y

Báo cáo khoa hc: Cell type-specic transgene expression of

Authors Journal compilation ª 2006 FEBS 853ST62 (1 : 10000), anti-PC2 (1 : 5000), Hendriks W (1999) A FERM domain governs api

Influence of Temperature Distribution Inside a Furnace on

spec. 862 7.1 μ =7.07 859 6.9 856 6.7 μ - σ 853 6.5 A B C D 850 Fig. 7. Dielectric constant of DP 9K7 depending on the material

vol. 17, pp. 853-856, 2010 17.5(2010):853-856 2010,17(5

Struct. Design Tall Spec. Build., 17: 853–856. doi: 10.1002/tal.483 Author Information Email: Antony Wood () Publication History

[Epidemiology of Alzheimers disease: methodological

dAlzheimer (MA) et quels en sont les Neurology 2009;73:847-853 Pour en savoir plus 2009 Dec;7 Spec No 1:7-14.Epidemiology of

Anadromy in Arctic populations of lake trout (Salvelinus

Can. Spec. Pub. Fish. Aquat. Sci. Rep. No.adis avaient fait des migrations annuelles en merCan J Fish Aquat Sci 67: 842-853.Swanson HK,

in inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spec

At. Spectrom., 1995, 10, 853–858. 19 R. Strubinger, J. R. Chirinos and A. Montaser, Anal. At. Spec- trom., 1990, 5, 61–66

Vernal Pools: Natural History and Conservation

[853:SFE]2.0.CO;2 URL: http:// result is a unique perspec- tive on a and describe the en- dangered status of


on Accounting, Volume 14, Issue 8, November 2003, Pages 813-853 Critical Perspec- tives on Accounting, vol. 14, no. 8, November

Floodwaters mark sudden rise

Geology 17, 853−856 (1989). | Article | 2Spec. Publs int. Ass. Sediment 5, 497−503 Thoesen H (1989) Molecular cloning, expression

Denaturing Generated Pu in Fast Breeder Reactor Blanket

minor actinide in thermal neutron spec- tra, Nucl. En- ergy, 10[2], 161–220 (1982). Nuclear Science and Technology 47 (10): 853–

Effect of light wavelength spectrum on magnetic compass

2008;194(10):853-9.Vacha M, Půžova T, Drštkova D (2008) Effect of light wavelength spec- trum on magnetic compass orientation in Tenebrio

Lipid signaling in experimental epilepsy.

2005; 30 :847–853. [ PubMed ]Lipid signaling in experimental epilepsy -This is the first time that the precise molecular specCole-Edwards K

2dF-AAOmega spectroscopy of massive stars in the Magellanic

spec- troscopy with 2dF-AAOmega for 263 13.853 14.098 −0.988 −0.143 −0.245[ST92 5-67, TN98]; O9 V + O9.5 V [

System and method for virtual content placement

16C demonstrates a modified video frame 950C in spec of the container, and automatically place selected in step 853, placed inside the

Study of the determination and pharmacokinetics of bufadienol

200731-J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci (2007) 853 ( 1–2 ):227high performance liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spec- tro

The effect of attribute questions on overall liking ratings

The effect of attribute questions on overall liking ratings. Food Quality and Preference, 2004; 15(7-8 SPEC.ISS.): 853-858

Marketing Strategy-Performance Relationship: An

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Gender Profiling: A Gendered Race Perspective on Person-

[−1.7853, −0.0680]) and Black targetsHowever, there were no significant differ- encesThus, our perspec- tive can even inform the

The Pathogenesis of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism of Renal

Arch Intern Med, 138 Spec No: 853-6Massry, S. G., and Ritz, E., 1978, The pathogenesis of secondary hyperparathyroidism of renal failure: Is there

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genus Scandix L. (Apiaceae) II: Scandix blepharicarpa spec

(Apiaceae) II: Scandix blepharicarpa spec. nov. An endemic species from doi:10.1560/9LWR-K1NW-C853-PK7AOFER COHEN《Israel Journal of Plant

Michelson-Interferometer Type CO~2 Laser for Specification to

doi:〈=Eyear=1996abst=Kodama, YSato, H《Ieice Transactions on Electronics

Clinical data for 185 infertile Iranian men with Y-chromosome

201281- August 2012, Volume 29, Issue 8, pp 847-853 Clinical data for 185 Hum Mol Genet 1994;3 Spec No:1449–1452 Navarro-Costa P, Goncalves J,

Communities of Web service registries: Construction and

2012111-(2013) 835–853 841 • Complement of a graphTo facilitate the spec- ification of these National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS),

Statistical estimation for initiative petitions and

16 A BCD True Spec True Spec True Spec True Spec k4 12 12 6 4 12 0.853 0.853 0.853 0.991 0.965 0.965 0.965 0.928 0.799 0.799 0

Overlap and Outlier Points in Data using Soft Kernel Spec

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Nondestructive continuous physical property

2 En-Chao Yeh,3 Weiren Lin,2 Hiroki Sone,4The hypocenter was located at 23.853°N and Soc. London, Spec. Publ., 215, 107 – 115