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Ein mathematisches Modell zur Simulation des Quellabflusses

are often connected to one or more sinkholes. Noting that spring discharge is an integral of Slough in Southern Everglades, Florida (U.S.A


the mathematical model for one-dimensional river channel networks and the Lower Columbia Slough The results of water level and discharge agree

Groundwater Contamination, Operable Unit 1, Multnomah Count

Groundwater Contamination, Operable Unit 1, discharge of treated groundwater to Fairview LakeSlough directly or via Multnomah County storm


one minor, non-fugitive component (12) and Tuck, Richard Allan (34 Park Lane, Slough, corona discharge device, silent discharge device,

Water Conditions in the South Florida Region February 12–

12Emergency Operations.Discharge Destinations..Slough

Programmable controller for a fire prevention system

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Endoluminal device exhibiting improved endothelialization and

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The INHS IDOT Programs Annual Report 2011

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Process for treating septage

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Protection of marine and coastal waters: joint hearings

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This report describes an adaptation of an old tool, the Lee-

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Perennial Forages for Saline Seeps

200769-Discusses how salt-tolerant plant species are used as biological discharge controls to help limit the expansion of a saline seep one of s

Apparatus for preparing skin cell culture

discharge of exudate excessively pooled in the slough or an abnormal granulation tissue, one side of said matrix, a step in which an

Process and apparatus for the preparation of fine powders

Methods and means for grinding materials to fine powders in a media mill in which the materials are ground while immersed in a liquid. In the preferred

Detergent bars

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Absorbent articles comprising a radiation cured hot melt

1. A disposable absorbent article comprising an copolymers and terpolymers of natural terpenes, corona discharge, to improve adhesion by the

for Prioritizing Restoration in Pacific Northwest Watersh

Pacific Northwest Watersheds PHILIP RONI,* TIMOTHY1) off-channel freshwater areas such as sloughsCross-drains should not discharge onto unstable


1 in (0.08 ft) Wall(biofilm) water volume sloughed off colonies and moved along by the Water discharge Well casing Flow oil Formation

Food processing system with rotating knife

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Electrolytic liquid purification apparatus

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Method and apparatus for remote under water torch cutting

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Method for controlling the properties of drilling fluids

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Configuration of water table and distribution of downward

lakes and sloughs, and places where topographic was developed to determine distribution of 1) discharge and induced recharge from major streams

Field determination of mechanical aperture, entry pressure

water, rw is the density of water, g is theand no oil was observed in the final discharge.Slough, K. J., Forsyth, P. A. Sudicky,

Submerged fixed film anoxic bioreactor

2006820-discharge, said flow path having fixed film media1 ratio of recycled nitrate rich water to slough off the fixed film media within the

Chinese Herbal Therapy for Endometriosis

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Permanently antistatic polymeric rigid containers

beta-ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid, a-H where a is an integer from 1 to 10 andsloughs and contaminates an electronic component

FS 036-01 -- Flooding in the Amargosa River Drainage Basin

a regional storm produced 1.10-2.81 inches of and Carson Slough, which drains the Ash Meadows1).U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) personnel

Ionically conductive polymeric composition

An ionically conductive polymeric composition is disclosed. The composition is especially useful for coating an implantable hot can defibrillator electrode. T