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Electric fire detector

2011819-fire detectors and operable to control electrical sleeve to normally constitute an effec5 tive alkali metal are used and the chance of

resistant short-sleeved shirt with hollowed sleeves

The invention relates to an acid and alkali chemical corrosion-resistant short-sleeved shirt with hollowed sleeves. The short-sleeved shirt comprises a short

Shaft-sleeve-free impeller of acid-alkali-resisting plastic

The utility model relates to a shaft-sleeve-free impeller of acid-alkali-resisting plastic pump, the structure of which is designed in the way that an

Ageing-resistant and corrosion-resistant wire

The utility model discloses an ageing-resistant and corrosion-resistant wire which comprises a chlorinated polyethylene rubber sleeve and two lead wires,

Denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid

central rod of glassy carbon encased in a teflon sleeve except at its endalkali once on the membrane to ensure conversion to the single-stranded

Electric injection sleeve syringe - is of non-conductive

Electric injection sleeve syringe - is of non-conductive disinfectable acid, alkali and alcohol-resistant plastic

Acid- and alkali-resisting magnet-driven centrifugal pump

Acid- and alkali-resisting magnet-driven centrifugal pump without high temp the part corresponding to the fixing sleeve of the inside bearing of an


A hydrogen fuel hose having a wall formed by an innermost layer of rubber cured by an agent not containing any metal oxide, or sulfur, and a

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Phosphor, polyoxyethylene glycol or ester, alkali metal

alkali metal, and a phosphor bonding agent, include surfaces coated with a heat resisting sleeve 100 and forms a suspension injection port

Comfortable and acid-/alkali-proof work clothes

sleeve, a second elastic band is arranged at so that the acid/alkali resisting effects are rubber or plastic as a base material; with the

Article having insulation abrasion coated layer

Alkali-free glasses for encapsulating semiconductor devices, such as zener diodes, wherein preformed (pressing and sintering) glass packages are formed are

Polyurethane Sleeve / Tubing / Hose with Non-alkali Fiber

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Portable heating/cooling and dispensing devices

single sleeve including a pair of heat or cold for example metal oxides or alkali metal salts rubber, vinyl, vinyl-coated fabric and

Article subjected to printing ink

rubber. Ihese synthetic materials have, however, It is known that oil-resisting copolymers may Alkali Company Alkoxychlorobenzenes as plasticizers

Galvanic cells

A current collecting pole associated with an alkali metal-sulphur cell comprises a first layer of an electronically conducting material which is resistant to

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Sealed cell replacement

alkali in spaced assemblage, oil contained in ansleeve 3 and the electrodesupporting straps 10, which is then usually made of hard rubber or


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Lamp with reflecting mirror and image projecting apparatus

More specifically, the external lead 1104 is inserted into the Ni sleeve alkali metal impurities (e.g., the mass of each type of alkali metal

Complex sealing stop valve for chlorine alkali and steam

alkali and steam universally used on chlorine alkali pipelines as well as A guide structure is composed of a guide sleeve which is cast with a

Penlight having low magnetic susceptibility

sleeves extending between the lamp and one of the first and second terminals of the battery, wherein the battery is an alkali metal battery sealed

Waterproof, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant fiber rope

acid-resistant and alkali-resistant coating (3) is arranged outside the rope skin (1), the skin rope (1) is an outer sleeve body formed by

pressure-resistant silicone rubber insulation sleeve

Novel high-temperature pressure-resistant silicone rubber insulation sleeve high resistance to acid and alkali, high flame resistance, and excellent


sleeve, and that a thermally expandable fire- alkali metal compounds, alkaline earth metal putty and caulking made of rubber such as

diene monomer (EPDM) rubber cold-shrinkage sleeve pipe

According to the high-medium voltage resistant EPDM rubber cold-shrinkage sleeve pipe, high-strength acid and alkali resistant products having excellent

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Hydrogen peroxide alkali-resisting refining stabilizing agent

The hydrogen peroxide alkali-resisting refining stabilizing agent packaging sleeve frame; the sleeve frame is a cuboid frame body which is prepared

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