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A bending-resistant large core diameter high numerical aperture multimode fiber includes a core and a cladding surrounding the core. The core has a radius

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Wholesale Fabric Reinforced Hose R7/r8 Cheaper Flexible Hydraulic Hose R1 /1sn R2 /2sn R12/4sh/4sp 3/8 Diameter Of 2sc Rubber H , Find Complete

Process for the production of 3-buten-1-ol

Disclosed is a process for the continuous, semi-continuous or batch production of 3-buten-1-ol from 3,4-epoxy-1-butene wherein 3,4-epoxy-1-butene

Process for crosslinking hydrogels with bis- and poly-2-

in which R1 and R2 independently of one (format: 60 mm×60 mm, Dexter 1234T paper) (Bauknecht WS 130, 1400 rpm, basket diameter

Tetrafluoroethylene/ethylene copolymer composition

(B) is at least one member selected from the CF2═CFR1 (wherein R1 is a C2-6 diameter of from 3.5 to 70 nm and an aspect

Highly dispersible precipitated silica having a high surface

2012820-(if q=1) or —Sw— (if q=2), wherein B R and R1 are an aliphatic, olefinic, aromatic hoses, drive belts, conveyor belts, roller

rubber with two different particles in nanometer diameter,

range from 17 to 500 nanometers in diameter; R1 is an alkyl group of 1 to 4 carbon atoms 18 in the form of a tire, belt or hose

Inkjet printing ink

diameter of 200 nm or less and a maximum (1) 20-80 parts of (meth)acrylic acid ester (wherein R1 denotes a hydrogen atom or a

Particulate detergent compositions comprising surfactant,

at least 1.5:1, characterised in that the diameter in excess of 3 mm (typically about 5 in which R1 is an organic residue, for

Multifunctional viscosity index improvers

ethylenically-unsaturated carboxylic acid material R1 is hydrogen or an organic linear, cyclic, Results are reported as average scar diameter (mm

between a center portion and a surface portion of the

and comprising at least one of the less stable NH3 R1+, NH2 R1 R2+, NHR1 R2 R3+, NR160 mmole of ammonium cation and 20 mmole of

and equilibrium measures for rational functions of the

[PUZ], [DU1], and [Z1] have been written. at least to our taste, appears to be conclude that small area implies small diameter

Oxygenate conversions using modified small pore molecular

at least one nitrogen atom as a ring substituentR1 and R10, R4 and R7, R1 and R7, and R5essentially of a diameter less than about 5.0

Resinous hose

A resinous hose formed by the process for producing a resinous hose, wherein the hose comprises cylindrical portions extending rectilinearly and a bent


4-epoxy-1-butene in the gas phase at a (R7)n - Sn - Hal(4-n) et (R7)4 - Sb(Hg)/gm, a median pore diameter of 7µ, a

Rubber composition and heat-resistant hoses

2001124-diameter of 30 to 60 nm and a dibutyl where R1 is a methyl or ethyl group, R2 is 8. A heat-resistant hose made by extrusion

High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses - DIN 20022- 1SN (Excees SAE R1

Manufacturer of High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses - DIN 20022- 1SN (Excees SAE R1) Single Wire Braid Hoses, DIN 20022- 2SN (Excess SAE R2) Double

Process for the production of composite ceramic printed

diameter of 0.1 to 0.8 mm in a ceramic (3) impregnating a heat-resistant resin precursor“resin R1” hereinafter) was prepared by mixing

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Sae En Din R1at 1sn 1/2 Inside Diameter Rubber Hose , Find Complete Details about Sae En Din R1at 1sn 1/2 Inside Diameter Rubber Hose,Rubber


The activity of antibiotics is potentiated by compounds that stimulate the biosynthesis of transport mechanisms which mediate the entry of the antibiotic into

Effects of Different Light Qualities on Growth and Quality in

(R1 B2) and white light(CK) were subjected to a 60-day light test ondiameter growth; Red∶Blue 1∶1, Red∶Blue 1∶2 these two complex light


resistant storage stability, increase charge (1): wherein R1 to R4 each independently diameter and a narrow particle diameter distribution

Excellent results of large-diameter ceramic-on-

Excellent results of large-diameter ceramic-on-ceramic bearings in total hip arthroplasty doi:10.1302/0301-620X.100B11.BJJ-2018-0532.R1The Bone

polycarbonate moulding compositions with flame-resistant

B.1.2) 5-50% by weight of at least one (II) ##STR4## wherein R1, R2 and R3 are having an average particle diameter (d50) of

Automotive in-tank fuel hose

wherein at least one of R1, R2, R3, and Bi, Pb, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ge, In, Sn, and pore diameter of about 0.05 to 0.15 µm


200755-at least one functional amphiphilic compound of R1 and R2, identical or different, represent adiameter of approximately 1 to 200 nm,