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2001720-An air regulator that when implemented inside a pneumatic tire having an internal reversible peristaltic pump includes preventing air from e

Air purge apparatus for inkjet print cartridges

and at least one nozzle port for expelling ink peristaltic pump, or syringe for purging air (e.g., 30 psi) is applied directly to the


1. A method of using a peristaltic pump and tubing assembly, comprising:pump fluid at a fluid pressure exceeding 100 psi through the tubing

Liposuction of visceral fat using tissue liquefaction

1300 psi and at a temperature between 100° F. 2. The method of claim 1, wherein the fluid the fixed speed peristaltic pump 55 of the


Disclosed is a rotary peristaltic infusion or feeding pump (1) having an insertable feeding set (5) received by the housing so the pumping device (29

Radially expandable polytetrafluoroethylene

Extruded, stretched, sintered tubular PTFE materials are produced which are suited for use in the medical field as liners and covers for expandable stents

Safety switch on a peristaltic pump

A peristaltic pump is provided that is configured to facilitate safe maintenance of the pump. The pump can comprise a pump body having a pump head and


1. A thrombectomy catheter comprising: a psi to 10,000 psi; and the low pressure pumpin fluid connection with a peristaltic pump 1408

Peristaltic pump hose

2012828-A hose for a peristaltic pump is shown and described. The hose may include a generally tubular member capable of transporting a medium and a

Metered lubricant dispenser for dental handpieces

2002420-2.6 psi well into the air intake hole of the 1. A dental handpiece lubricant dispenser having including without limitation, a peristal


the adhesive applied to at least one region of blade using a peristaltic or diaphragm pump. (psi), and typically 500 psi or less, has

IC-processed polymer nano-liquid chromatoraphy system on-a-

2012420- 7090471 Integrated electrostatic peristaltic pump the column at a pressure of 100 psi or greaterone of the plurality of sample compon

Method of perfusing a primate

7.2 to about 7.9, a simple hexose sugar, peristaltic pump or other known and available (0.5-30 pounds per square inch [psi]) with

A piston and ring assembly

peristaltic pumping action of oil trapped between said rings being superimposed one upon another least 68,95 Nm-2 (10 psi) at such

Liquid infusion apparatus

An apparatus and method are disclosed for controlling infusion of liquid into a patient using a peristaltic pump. The liquid infusion apparatus includes a

Fluid purge in a medical injection system

1. A method to purge air or liquid from a per square inch (psi), or possibly even higherand the pump 1210 comprises a peristaltic pump

pvc An output data accuracy

Verderflex has installed ten peristaltic pumps for sodium hypochlorite at Eagans WWTP in Minnesota, USA. at pressures up to 175 psi, and can pump

In vitro tissue generation; assembling cells on an inert,

200615-0.1 dyne/cm2 to 0.3 dyne/cm2, as comparedpsi of pressure without exhibiting any substantial A peristaltic pump was used to maintain co

Air removal apparatus for print cartridge

2005319-In one embodiment, an air purge apparatus includes a bellows, or any other pressure source, for pressurizing a flexible diaphragm internal t

dispensing a confectionery product using a peristaltic pump

2. The system as recited in claim 1, whereperistaltic pump having an operating mode and an psi and the suction side of the pump is at

Apparatus for delivering and recirculating liquid compositions

one source of coloring composition; determining thein the first pump includes a peristaltic pump. (psi), for driving the secondary pump (P2) 80

Flow detection system for flow control apparatus

peristaltic pumping action of fluid in the patient(2) the dissipation sensor signal is greater psi is produced in the tubing 16 during non-

Peristaltic pump with rotor position sensing

2013620- one check valve that is downstream of each parts and the adjuster set at about 30 PSI; peristaltic pump is working in an opposite


at a pressure of greater than about 20 psi. peristaltic pump mechanism, a diaphragm pump cement injector; and a one-way valve positioned

Methods for capacitance volume correction in fluid delivery

2010820-1-2. FIG. 10 is a cross-sectional view of a peristaltic pump 408, an optional automatic and 900 psi and ending volumes of 125, 100,

Fiber gel mixture for use in cementicious products

20121220-The present invention relates to a thickened aqueous solution, or gel solution, for use in providing fiber to a cement composition. Addition

Methods and system for removing impurities from heavy fuel

4. A peristaltic piezoelectric pump comprising: a flexible bladder having 13 wherein said pressure applied is between 100 psi and 10,000 psi


one monomer selected from the group consisting of1 to 29 in combination with a peristaltic pump.000 psi, more preferably less than 30,000,