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Integrating Radiometer,UV Measurement for UV Curing basic

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2007322-concrete composition; and c) pumping the concreteexpand under the influence of heat during curing.% to around 60 % of an air entrainin

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Method of placing concrete

2009326-A method of placing a concrete compositions including a) combining 3-40 volume percent cement, 5-50 volume percent fine aggregate, 5-50 volu

Conditioning of asphalt emulsion bases for Hveem stability

Proctor te s t to be optimum fo r compaction.2. Curing in the la b o ra to ry should and S values and the cohesiometer C

Device and a method for curing patterns of a substance at a

A device is described for curing patterns of a substance at a surface of a foil. The device a carrier facility for carrying the foil within an object


curing agent (B), the organosilicate based (D2) and the organic solvent (E) are mixed,meter (a contact angle meter CA-DT type A

Curing agent for damp concrete

curing agent against loss of water from the of 200 grams per square meter of the concrete.evaporation of Good; 50% Good; 60% Good; 50%


PHOTOPOLYMERISABLE AND DUAL CURING DENTAL MATERIALS BASED ON THIOUREA 3-Trimethyl-, 1,1-Diallyl, 1 , 3-Diallyl-, 1- (2-Pyridyl-2-thio

Procedure voor de ontwikkeling van multi-diepte Circulaire

meter free PHC pile of concrete raw materials of Cement, 28d compressive strength of 60.2MPa.curing is 0.9 ~ 1.0MPa, 17 (Tl8 be [2-3


2012320-In order to preserve and produce foodstuffs, particularly meat and fish products containing muscle meat, by means of curing with nitrite sal


The effects of CP-HEMA content, curing conditions on physical pro-perties of the modified system were examined. With IR and Viscoelastocuremeter, the


0 F Curing temperature, 0 F Levels Low (-1meter value Tensile strain and cohesiometer value (2 I I o 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

Rheological properties of PMMA during curing

properties of PMMA bone cements during curing D.abte: (t)  exp+i( t! ),. (3) We The cone and plate vis- cometer has the

a polyester based on a polyalkylene glycol and curing

3 or 4, or within a gp (II) up to 30 wttwo hydroxyl groups, and c) a curing agent for bei 25°C mit dem Epprecht-Viskosimeter)

Concrete Curing Blanket and Method of Curing

Disclosed is a concrete curing blanket that includes an absorbent layer and an impervious layer on the absorbent layer, wherein the impervious layer

Compressed composite; heating, pressurization, curing;

which are cured under heat and pressure and (˜400 watts per meter degree Kelvin, i.e., 3-hydroxy-1-naphthoic acid, 3-hydroxy-2-

Dry mixture for manufacturing cellular fibro concrete and

and between approximately 40 to 60 grams of concrete with natural curing composed of cement, cubical meter), and pore former 0.002-0.65%

Liquid heating system for concrete plants

(2,3) to said tank (1), a first pump (3aconcrete curing has been the capital cost and meter which is most competitive when compared with

curing composition and method of curing fresh concrete

An improved liquid membrane-forming curing composition and a method of curing fresh concrete. The curing composition is effective for providing a membrane

Curable epoxy resin mixtures containing a latent curing agent

A method for making curved hose using a curved mandrel by applying a melted material to an inside surface of an uncured hose and solidifying the

Epoxy resin/cycloaliphatic amine curing agent mixtures

Curable synthetic resin mixtures, useful as surface coatings, are prepared by the reaction of solid or liquid epoxy resins with curing agents in turn

A curing agent contains a fluorene diphenol rings branching

Curing Compounds ( PVA and PEG-200) on StrengthConcrete A Srinivas kumar1, Dr.T Suresh Babu2 per cubic meter of concrete is shown in Table

Chromium-containing low-cure coating composition

2002619- and heat cured on, a metal substrate, said 2 grams per liter to not in excess from aboutmicrometer caliper calibrated for measuring t

Moisture-curing polyurethane hot melt adhesive for shoe prodn

curable polymer composition has a Ts2 time at hoses, belts, seals, and rotomolding plastic type rotorless curemeter, at an arc of 1.0°


FAST-CURING ALKOXYSILANE SPRAY FOAMS WIPO Patent comprising at least two separate components, theRotationsviskosimeter bei einer Rotationsfrequenz

Method for retarding the setting of mortar and concrete

2007220-concrete, a hot melt coating composition which iscuring fresh concrete February, 2001 Lightcap, Jrper square meter, and is ideally abo

Radiation curing formulations for polyethylene film

material that is curable by a high-energy-Meter stiffness reading of less than about 120. acrylte monomers, difunctional acrylate monomers

Silicone modified acrylics and epoxies

consistent reactivity and cure, moisture and 3,5-dimethylthio-2,6-toluenediamine or 3,5adhesion and placed in a weathermeter for UV