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Three-phase choke coil device for filter circuit utilized for

2010719-The choke valve setting angle detection device uses a primary coil (3), coupled to an AC source (5), for providing a magnetic field in the v

inner and outer pipes - has two fluid chambers, choke

20031020- 4. Restrictor valve according to claim 3, characterised in that the plain Vorteilhafte Weiterbildungen der Erfindung gehen aus den Unter

festivals, current compensated suppression choke

kentstördrossel High current festivals, current compensated suppression chokeHochstromfeste, stromkompensierte Funkentstördrossel (3, 8, 21, 22)

Photoisomerization of cis,cisand cis,trans4〥i﹐‐tolyl3‐

Photoisomerization of cis,cisand cis,trans4〥i﹐‐tolyl3‐butadiene in Somchoke LaohhasurayotinTallapragada S R Krishna《Angewandte Chemie

Choke valve controller for motor vehicle

20061019-The choke valve controller has an actuator attached to the choke body to drive the choke shaft and a reduction gear between the actuator and

Verkleidungsanordnung sowie Luft- oder Raumfahrzeug

Schoke, Berend (27239, Twistringen, DE) 3. Verkleidungsanordnung nach Anspruch 1 oder vorteilhafte Ausgestaltungen und Weiterbildungen

Choke for e.g. inverter, has choke winding divided into two

2010125-The choke (1) has a choke core (2), and a choke winding (3) wound around the choke core. The choke winding is divided into two windings (4,

strdrossel Current compensated suppression choke

Stromkompensierte Funkentstördrossel Current compensated suppression choke(3) engaging choke core (2), characterized in that the choke core (2)

divided into main and auxiliary chokes in diagonal branch of

The current regulator (4), inserted between a DC battery (1) and an AC load (11), uses a controlled semiconductor bridge (5) across which the AC

Drossel Current-compensated choke and method f

Stromkompensierte Drossel und Verfahren zur (15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 15.5, 15.6for producing such a current-compensated choke (1

Choke coil molded product, converters and power conversion

Drossel, Spulenformprodukt, Wandler und Energiewandlungsvorrichtung Choke coilvorliegenden Erfindung umfasst eine Spule 2 und einen magnetischen Kern 3

Drossel Common Mode Choke and circuitry with

Stromkompensierte Drossel Common Mode Choke – mit wenigstens zwei auf einem Kern (1) angeordneten Wicklungen (W 1 , W 2 , W 3 ) und - With

Composite sandwich structure for use in structural components

Modular actuator for valves and chokesdoi:CA2524336 CThe invention David A. SchmidtThomas E. NealJohn W. MccaskillGary L. Horn

of cis , cis and cis , trans 4〥io ‐tolyl3‐butadiene in

Photoisomerization of cis , cis and cis , trans 4〥io ‐tolyl3‐Somchoke LaohhasurayotinTallapragada S. R. Krishna《Angewandte Chemie

Utility or mains supply water-cooled choke with coolant

20011120-The choke controller has a drive motor (4), a revolution rate reduction mechanism for reducing the drive motor speed and a choke flap (6) co

Modular actuator for valves and chokes

Modular actuator for valves and chokesdoi:CA2524336 A1Gary L. HornJohn W. MccaskillThomas E. NealDavid A. Schmidt

Automatic programmed reciprocable control for machine tools

2010719-The valve body (10) has an inlet (12), outlet (14) and a choke International Classes: E03D3/02 E03D3/04 F16K31/06 (IPC1-7): E03D3

Lamp sensor for a choke for operating a gas discharge lamp

The invention relates to a choke for operating angeschlossene und im Gegentakt geschaltete (3) verbunden ist, der die Gasentladungslampe

Modular actuator system for valves and chokes

2004103-Modular actuator system for valves and chokesdoi:WO2004100339 A2The inventionHorn Gary LMccaskill John WNeal Thomas ESchmidt David A

content, antioxidant capacity and quality of chokeberry

Chokeberry juices had a mean pH value of 3, 79 and ranged from 3, 54(5, 61 to 29, 69 mmol TE/100 g DM) and reducing power (23, 91

Current-compensated choke coil for spark interference

2006319-Abstract of strongEP0275499/strongbrCurrent-compensated choke coil for spark-interference suppression having a magnetic core (1), woun

Electronic choke device with intermediate circuit regulator

A rectifier circuit (2) links to an AC voltage source (U0) and a smoothing circuit (3) created by a circuit controller (CC) and linked to the

Hoop Wound Steel/Composite Subsea Kill Choke Lines

The kill choke lines, having to withstand high pressure in use, have Guesnon, J., Poirette, Y., de Bonnafos, O., and Schaeffner, P

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3. An apparatus for producinginduced currents at difierent points along L. Le Coe TeUS217466 * Nov 6, 1878 Jul 15, 1879 Improvement in

- Field Testing of Hybrid Choke and Kill Lines

Offshore Technology Conference - (2009.05.4-2009.05.7)] Proceedings of Offshore Technology Conference - Field Testing of Hybrid Choke and Kill Lines


20181125-PISO FRANCO - TEPARTIA DE CHOKE (MUSIC VIDEO) Phonky Resurrection Black Prince - Pezzo Di Merda (Official Video) - Duration: 3:48

Choke for combined microwave and self-cleaning oven

choke section (5) for decompressing the coolant nach einem der Ansprüche 1 bis 3, bei welchkomprimierte Kältemittel an den Kondensator 1

Coil arrangement for use in choke coil, has electric

?abstract?p num=0000Die vorliegende Erfindung bezieht sich auf eine Spulenanordnung mit wenigstens einem elektrischen Leiter (1, 1?, 4),

Automatic choke valve for carburetors

AUTOMATIC CHOKE VALVE FOR CARBURETORS Filed April 3, 1956 INi ENTORS thte engine at relatively low temperatures, a housing, a partition in said

mit erhhter Streuinduktivitt Common Mode Choke

Stromkompensierte Drosseln besitzen einen im Wesentlichen geschlossenen Kern,Chokes having a substantially closed core, which deviates from the toroidal