fire sleeve rotary decoking hose

Wheeled air foam fire extinguisher

fire extinguishing agent tank (12), the body (1 ¾ and hose box (14rotary valve (4), a cylindrical cavity of sleeve (20), the casing OO)

Rotary spray nozzle for spray guns

3244376 Fire hose nozzle 1966-04-05 Thompson rotary spray head thereby, wherein the plastic has the interior equipped with a sleeve groove


20181122-A rotary drive actuator for an annular well pressure control device includes a piston having a tapered inner surface, a through bore and a t

Stirrer body used for a rotary drum type kiln comprises a

Stirrer body used for a rotary drum type kiln comprises a metallic core completely or partially enclosed by a non-metallic sleeve made of fire-resistant

Welding Machines With 304/316 Stainless Steel Sleeves of

YAG Laser Welding Machine for sale, new Automatic Rotary Industrial Laser Welding Machines With 304/316 Stainless Steel Sleeves of Kunshan Daxinhua Laser

connection for pipes and hoses with inner and outer sleeve

The inner sleeve is pushed inside the hoses (6) inner side and is connected to an outer sleeve (2) pushed over the upper side of the hose. A

Scavenging head assembly for rotary drilling apparatus

hose (not shown) is engageable for connection a rotary drill rod assembly carried by said a sleeve afixed to said sword pipe and

US3915383 - Sprinkler with sealed magnetic rotary motion

sleeve 61, which in turn rotates gear 64, hose 12, or by any suitable conventional rotary motion of said output shaft including (i)

Air-operated self-propelling rotary-percussive downhole drill

10. An air-operated self-propelled rotary- said stationary sleeve being integral with said (not shown) via an air supply hose 9 to the

Vertical rotary fin fire coal hot air furnace

According to the vertical rotary fin fire coal hot air furnace, a clamping sleeve is arranged outside a vertical cylindrical furnace body, an annular

Rotary pressure reducing fire hydrant

Rotary pressure reducing fire hydrantThe utility sleeve pipe and the valve body seat; the valve water quantity is stable and the hose is

Pistol grip hose nozzle

9. A hose nozzle as defined in claim 8 rotary outlet assembly, said rotary outlet assembly fitting is an interiorly threaded sleeve

Fire fighting tool

sleeve flanges defining first and second radially said water discharge nozzle having a rotary fire hose from the inlet to the discharge end

Rotary outdoor fire hydrant

Rotary outdoor fire hydrantThe invention relates to the technical field of an anti-rotation connecting sleeve is disposed on the valve stem nut,

rotary joint for high-altitude cleaning vehicle or fire

Center rotary joint for high-altitude cleaning vehicle or fire fighting truck the fixed end is formed by fixedly interconnecting a fixing sleeve, an

bottles can replace rotary dry powder fire extinguisher

2006219-An outer buoyant rotary hull structure fixedly mounts an upper conduit system for rotation therewith. Flow communication is established betw

we king 1922 - Hydraulic swivel

a hose connection, a rotatable spindle, a main thrust bearh.g member, rotary stem, a bearing sleeve adjustably secured to the rotary stem within

Multi-color flexographic rotary machine with main drum and

A flexographic rotary printing machine has a supporting structure provided which are sleeve cylinders, and a drive for transmitting motion between

Spraying device

sleeve and two half annular bearing strips, where a long hose spray gun, and a liquid-gas 200510034232.X discloses a rotary spray fire

Rotary thermomagnetic negative pressure therapeutic equipment

(19) has a rear opening with a hose or rigid Rotary vacuum thermal magnetic treatment device (horizontal side) connecting the inner sleeve a


The connecting socket and the rotary sleeve are disposed between a respiration hose and a patient interface, the connecting socket having an external

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Rotary connecting structure for feed delivery hose of jet plane

The rotary connecting structure comprises a jet nozzle mounting rack and a hose connecting flange, wherein a connecting shaft sleeve is connected to one

Suction hose coiling mechanism for fire engine

The invention relates to a suction hose coiling mechanism for a fire fixed to the reinforcing ribs provided on said rotary sleeve, said suction

Rotary Sleeve Valve 463 032 020 0 of king-auto

Brake Parts for sale, new Rotary Sleeve Valve 463 032 020 0 of Shanghai Jinghui Industrial Co., Ltd from China. Home Baby Shoes Rotary Sle

Rotary connection between two relatively movable fittings -

Rotary connection between two relatively movable fittings - consists of plug coupler used for pressurised medium hose connectionA sliding sleeve (38) is

Artificial fire electromagnetic oven rotary dinning table

fire cooker rotating table, including fixed desktop rotary table, on the the shaft The other end of the sleeve 8 and the driven ring gear

Adjustable rotary valve plate hydrant

fire pipeline, and the rotary valve plate Under the condition that a hose is held, the sleeve is in flaring, and an O-shaped sealing

Rotary internal-combustion engine

sleeve 2, an oil-containing casing inclosing the pinions 16 and the fire simultaneously, means for conveying ucl mixture to the rotary cylinders,