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A systematic approach to a high-efficiency and displacement-

quality of human life by achieving the recovery Litz wire shows significantly superior performance Lchoke is a large value inductor whose high

Clinical Observation of Acupuncture plus Rehabilitation

choke as the major intervention(Aqiang point, Zhiqiang point, Tunyan point, VFSS and TCM scale in the treatment group were superior to those in the

Sesame flour and sesame oil from dehulled seeds

choke opening for expelling sesame flour having an oil content not greater which provides products of oil and flour of substantially superior quality

Conformal multifunction shared-aperture antenna

size, reduce leakage fluxes and realize superior high-frequency characteristicsIn order to achieve this object, there is provided a choke coil comprising


The impulse attenuation characteristics of the choke coil with the nanocrystalline alloy core were found to be superior to those of one with an Mn-Zn

Pig muscle flap vascular resistance

Choke vessels are believed to have high vascular resistance and are 8 pig rectus abdominis flaps wereelevated on the superior epigastric pedicle

Superior Control for Shothole Disease of Choke

Cyprex: A Superior Control for Shothole Disease of ChokecherryR. E. Inman

Cold cathode tube drive device

2009720-Of both ends of one choke coil of the current balance circuit 11a and superior circuit, in which the cold-cathode tube 3-j is lighted bas

Growth and Survival of Shelterbelts

towards the north end of the belt, greatly enhancing the quality of the The American plum was much superior to chokecherry for dense, low cover

Single-mode high-speed 1.5-mu m VCSELs

In this paper, the superior dynamic characteristics of these VCSELs are Dean Maximilian SchokeXin YinJohan BauwelinckGerhard BoehmMarkusChristian Amann

to reactors and more particularly to reactors or choke

My invention relates to reactors and more particularly to reactors or choke coils such as are used in fluorescent lighting circuits. The function of

Shotgun choke

A shotgun choke characterized by multiple, radially-arranged, longitudinal blades having blade edges of selected size and shape for contacting and scoring a

Frequency converter

superior results for the converter and circuit is to adjust the value of choke 32 until a so that a high quality of lamp operation may

Aluminum choke tube for a shotgun

This invention is in relation to a shotgun choke tube made of aluminum in which sometimes this aluminum choke tube may be coated with an anodize, hard

Grafting black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa L., var. Viking

Grafting black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa L., var. Viking) onto European rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.) yields fruit with superior phytochemical content

Planar EMI choke for differential mode and common mode noises

5552756 Chip-type common mode choke coil the demand for improved quality of coil-embeddedis superior and the magnetic properties are stable

Vocal tubal reconstruction after complete laryngectomy

High-Content Analysis 2009: Blasting through the choke points doi:10.1071/This is a superior solution to the need for multidisciplinary expertsand


20050056064 Quality organic fertilizer March, 2005“dynamic disintegration”, greatly superior to 2) Concerning the Choke of the Range of Rate

Congestion Control Method Based on CHOKe Model and Neural

A transformerless solid state audio amplifier which exhibits the superior a choke is connected in series between the drain and the supply voltage,

Choke point explained

What is Choke point? Choke point is a geographical feature on land such as a valley, defile or a bridge, or at sea such as a strait which an

Twisted leaf and ring pox viruses found in Choke-cherries

Some seedlings of the Van Cherry found to be superior to Bing as chokecherries may be responsible for the appearance of twisted leaf in c

Apparatus for the production of mineral wool

2, 4 and 5 the bent metal plate 2 with superior conductivity is covered(E) of the transistor 5 and the choke coil CH2 is connected to the

Novel beer tap

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The responsibilities for achieving superior performance are mostly entrusted withGeorge Mogambi OnchokeDr. Margret OlokoGeoffrey Ongondo Obonyo

(highland bamboo) along topographic gradient in the Choke

(highland bamboo) along topographic gradient in the Choke Mountain, Therefore, superior performance of bamboo on these sites can be excellent