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B60T1/06; F16D55/14; F16D65/14; F16D65/853; F16D65/78; (IPC1This pump then directs the coolant fluid through pump outlet passage 143 to


a first coolant loop and a second coolant loop and node-to-manifold fluid connect hoses 434 853 extend from the header subassembly for

Coolant pH control for optimum ceramic grinding. III. Re

200941-Alley DW, Devereux OF (2003) Coolant pH control for optimum ceramic grinding: (II) influence of the Rebinder effect on the surface grinding

Coolant pump

coolant will be picked vup by a pan drained by a eXible hose, the 1,936,853 2,273,214 REFERENCES CITED ,3 2,294,705 The following

employing a manifold structure with interleaved coolant

coolant inlet plenum and a coolant outlet plenum,853, which again comprises an assembled plurality 856 and at least one coolant outlet port 858

Multiple-disk brake or clutch

International Classes: F16D65/853; F16D13/72 and a coolant unit connected to the brake or industrial trucks, or as clutches in transmissions

Brake apply with improved reaction

2005319- B60T7/06; B60T13/14; F16D55/36; F16D65/14; F16D65/853; F16D65coolant valve 200 which, in turn, controls the application of a coolant--

Water cooled brake

International Classes: F16D65/853; F16D55/36; wherein the coolant cavity includes four radiallya variety of vehicular and industrial applications

Vehicle brake system with transmission and internal brake

B60T1/06; B60T13/58; F16D65/853; F16H3/66; F16D65/78; B60T1/00coolant valve 176 to connect converter supply line 107, through restriction

Liquid coolant-submersible node

201431-A node for performing computing operations includes a frame, a power supply coupled to the frame, and one or more liquid coolant-submersible

Liquid-cooled multi-disc brake

F16D 65/853 B60T 1/06C F16D 55/40 B60T (8) at a short distance so that the coolant in the industrial performance load that the

Method and apparatus for monitoring EGR system flow

200611-Entry conditions include but are not limited to elapsed time since engine start, engine coolant temperature and manifold temperature, how ma

FATIGUE SPECIMENS. Investigation No. 853-3

EVALUATION OF ULTRASONIC MONITORING OF NPR VIBRATION FATIGUE SPECIMENS. Investigation No. 853-3Twelve NPR primary loop vibration fatigue specimens were tested

markus höglinger - Heat exchanger

so that, overall, there are three low-temperature regions 851, 852, 853.The number of hoses and hose connections required and the coolant content

Wet clutch with coolant distributor

Wet clutch with coolant distributorCA 1005379 A1 F16D69/00, F16D65/853, F16D65/78, F16D13/72, F16D13/64 F16D69/00,

Surface ablation antenna with dielectric loading

2013425-segment 852, and a third dielectric segment 853. water or other suitable coolant fluid) into andpolyimide, high temperature conformabl

Removal of antimony-124 from PRW coolant water -9111

853E5 Sb-125 6,800E3 Total-gamma 1,611E6 2,920E4 1,483E6 Antimony-(kd) for 124Sb and MOM Material in the Primary Coolant Water Samples

Forced-cooling friction brake or clutch

F16D25/12; F16D55/40; F16D65/12; F16D65/853; F16D55/00; F16Dentrains the tubular members 22 to the lift to thereby open the coolant

Collecting tank, heat exchanger and coolant circuit

rubber or an elastic material made from Thai 38 853 C2 known, belongs to the published coolant to adapt the volume of the drop, the

Condensing internal coolant of motor vehicle air conditioning

coolant into the second pumping chamber, and transitioning the first diaphragm A first supply line 853 couples reservoir portion 844 to first fluid

A continuous casting mold formed of plate elements

Publication number PCT/1996/4853, PCT/US/1996/004853, PCT/US/1996/04The subcutaneous coolant passages if used, lie below the plate surface and

Detachable fluid cooling system for bicycle disc brake

853; F16D55/00; F16D65/78; F16D66/00; (IPC1-7): F16D65/853; a coolant portion coupled to said attachment portion to contact the bicycle

Cooling system having pulsed fan control

because the system of the 853 patent turns (e.g., of coolant circulating through engine 18 INDUSTRIAL APPLICABILITY The disclosed control

of recirculation-sump blockage due to loss-of-coolant

[S] PMA (100 nM) PMA + GTP[S] 698 + 23 6593 + 452 1427+ 57 7088 + 853 650+86 3415+ 127 1193 + 193 8812+462 2127 + 8 22091 + 3535

Heat exchanger has coolant feed/return connection on

The heat exchanger (2) has a body made of walls (16) fixed to each other in cantilever manner, feed and return connections (8,10) for a coolant,

Development and Verification of MCCI Process Model

Without the normal coolant flow, this decay heat could melt the fuel rod cladding, the fuel, and the vessel itself, releasing radioactive fission

Easy-to-assemble battery pack with prismatic battery cells

Appl. No. 12/853,620, filed Aug. 10, 2010. Final Office Action or having rubber seals (not shown) around the openings for coolant

Press drive with oil shear clutch/brake drives

Oil distribution member 80 extends from brake reaction member 78 and defines a coolant oil input port 86, an input passage 88, a coolant oil return