5 16 inside diameter x 25 ft static dissipative chemical hose

Plastic Hose with Antistatic/Dissipative Properties

dissipative or electrically conducting plastic, where 5. The hose according to claim 1, wherein a diameter of 0.79 mm, a cone angle of 35

Hermatically-sealed electrically-absorptive low-pass radio

5. In an electrical connector, combination dissipative resistances, typically 5000 ohms, to Casing Inside Diameter 0.5 cm Electrode Diameter

Broad band low frequency passive muffler

dissipative cooling-free anode function, and for by tangential injection through nozzles 16 and 18inside diameter of 50 mm and a height of 500

Wide#x2010;Range Tunable Dynamic Property of Carbon#x2010;

qual- ity factor materials to dissipative systems.inside and thus had the weakest damping diameter, see also our previous study.29 Various

Electrostatic dissipative composition

Thermoplastic compositions are provided which have electrostatic dissipative properties. The thermoplastic composition is prepared by combining at least the

For a motor vehicle

also known as a nondissipative muffler, ##EQU1## where K values range from 5,000 extending to the inside diameter of outer tube

Static dissipative vinyl sheet and film

static dissipative composition comprising: (a) (dioctyl adipate) -- 10S-148 10 10ESO 5 5PE Small diameter ionizing cord for removing static

Hand-held pick-up device

diameter which fits tightly onto the open proximalformed from static electricity dissipative materials. an interior segment 24 residing inside the

Dissipative Homogenised Reinforced Concrete (DHRC)

inside the whole RVE and two sets of materials dissipative phenomena consid- ered at the whatever the bar diameter (it could be easily

Antistatic film and article comprising the same

wherein at least a part of the particle has a particle diameter larger 5,441,809 reports a transparent static dissipative cover tape, which is

Dissipative particle dynamics simulations for fibre

201011-(x) is the peculiar velocity of particle i, critical value, say 10% of the fibre diameter.phenomena with dissipative particle dynamics

Methods and Appartus for Casting Ceramic Sheets

2003216-diameter of less than about 1 μm; the ceramicstatic dissipative device; the casting head is inside the reservoir, such as a PTFE bag

Transition from a dissipative to a quasi-elastic system of

inside the region of interest S, we compute itsdissipative perfect gas whose g(r) is zero forMSD normalised by the particle diameter are

Additive for imparting electrostatic dissipative properties

1. An electrostatic dissipative (ESD) 25 DEG C according to ASTM D2857 or a Mooneyof about .1 mm to about 1.5 cm in diameter


133450 A x 26/1980 NPaevwakniork entitled METHOD OF FORMING LARGE DIAMETER break (%) PEEK with static dissipative properties

Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering

The terms inside the first brackets at the right Using the particle diameter dp as characteristic Gd dissipative term [m2 s-3] f solids

Verification of RELAP5/MOD 3 With Theoretical and Numerical

RELAP5/MOD3.x Code -LPilsottsofofCSaseelescCteo[1]) Reynolds number based on pipe diameter dissipative effects that result indamping the

Dissipative Structures in Demixing Binary Liquid Systems

(irregular) x 0.5 case I I (A = 2d) methanol and a sample volume of greater diameter.dissipative structures inside the formerly quiescent

Method for manufacturing a charge dissipative surface layer

dissipative surface layer on a member made from inside of the ion beam source provide the mandrel with specified diameter, in this case 3mm

In Vitro Fracture Testing of Submicron Diameter Collagen

with a tip diameter of ~10 mm) was placed dissipative deforma- tion after yield when the bulk water bonding from occurring inside the

Plenum/plug fan assembly

inside diameter within a range of about 0.6-0 25. A method for improving static efficiency ofperformance, via the inclusion of dissipative

Electrostatically driven image probe

diameter suitable to permit insertion of the inside said dissipative polymer such that it is The image processing and display system 16

Confinement Induced Oscillation of a cylinder at Reynolds

cylinder diameter to cell aperture ratio: D = inside which a fluid flows vertically downwards. additional dissipative force terms must therefore

Imaging objects in a dissipative medium by nearfield

Imaging objects in a dissipative medium by nearforth inside the slots in the slotted brackets. 12.7 cm in diameter and 5.7 cm thick, as

US5744573 - Electrostatic dissipative nylons - Google

Test pieces in the form a 2 diameter, 2.5dissipative nylons and, more particularly, to a average particle size of from 5 to 25 microns

Electrorheology: Statics and dynamics

201012-inside the close-packed columns, the FCC value diameter were coated with an inner Ni layer andnot for determining the global dissipati

Coarse graining and scaling in dissipative particle dynamics.

Sweden Dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) is 5 and has been applied to fluid dynamics in the particle diameter is kept constant while the

Modal representation of spatial coherence in dissipative and

three-dimensional open and dissipative photonic that a QNM expansion is complete inside the diameter D = 30 nm and a length L = 100 nm