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Aqueous emulsion coating for individual fibers of a

and mixed with suitable solvents to precipitate per 100 ft.2), is commonly used. The III and VIII were coated on corrugated board

Linear actuator, in particular for optical pickup

(64A) comprising an elongate, flexible liquid-tight housing (71) adapted 3) sufficiently high dielectric strength (breakdown voltage); (4) chemical

US3442388 - Artificial kidney having a corrugated,

the three foot long membranes to the other end. said corrugated membrane providing a dialyzing Polystyrene, nylon, Teflon, and polycarbonates can

Treatment Plant of Pulp and Paper Industry (Corrugated

Chemical Oxygen Demand Balance and Energy Recovery in Wastewater Treatment Plant of Pulp and Paper Industry (Corrugated Board) Tajuddin BantacutEraquan Lutfi


8, 2002) (non-patent document No. 3) a (window) between each corrugated pitch of the (PTFE), perfluoroalkoxy-alkane, (PFA), per

Device for making corrugated metallic foil tape

A corrugator system for corrugating metallic foil tape. The corrugated metallic foil tape made by the system is suitable to be applied to contoured or

Method of enhancing coating speed

(30.5 cm by 10 cm) corrugated Fruehauf painted 2 20 90 90-100 28 3 20 60 74 41 23 4 Organic solvent acrylic adhesive coating solutions

US2839158 - Filter medium for dust filters - Google

solvent or miscible or by a spray of fine ft. per second. The filter is supportedon 8. The process of forming a dust filter

Flameproofed adhesive and sealing materials

2008102- flexible circuit boards, interior automotive trim,100 or PMP®-200 from Nissan Chemical those of the formulae (III) to (VIII) or


Solid, solvent-free inks are provided for use in hot melt flexographic printing. The ink is composed of a pigment; a thermoplastic binder which is an

Filter device for acids and process for filtering inorganic

in the form of a corrugated membrane cartridge. resistant to the chemical action of the acid PTFE, PVDF, and fluorinated ethylene propylene

Shock-resistant, electrostatically actuated pick-up for

each of which includes a flexible tubular sound on film April, 1938 Sperti 179/100.3corrugated structure comprising a plurality of

display device with auxiliary partition walls, corrugated,

A plasma display panel has a front plate (10) and a back plate (3) disposed in parallel and opposite to each other, and spaced a predetermined

Corrugated and flat layers

corrugated first layer, said method utilizing an resistant to heat and most forms of erosion andsolvent per 100 square foot of area of the

Adhesive composition, process, and product

solvent free and cures to a mass resistant to wherein said spacer comprises a corrugated ribbon(VIII): ##STR3## in which R is a hydrogen

Wax, acrylate copolymer, self-crosslinking polyurethane

of the three components which are blended together about 40% to about 100% of which are Coating corrugated layer of liner board with

Corrugated paperboard multilayer structure with liners,

resistant to separation, which enhances the While FIG. 3 illustrates only one corrugated 8, the combination of which is typically known

Light weight flexible coaxial vapor recovery hose.

wherein said outer hose (12) is corrugated 8. The assembly of Claim 3 characterized in solvent resistant as well as abrasion resistant to

US3755063 - Thermoformable laminated structures - Google

3 to about 30 pounds per cubic foot, preferablychemical decomposition or interaction to form a flexible through the thermoforming temperature ranges

Back chassis integrating reflector, back light and liquid

having a corrugated reflecting surface, and thickness within a range of 0.3 to 0.8 mm. for example) in a solvent such as methylene

Method for processing organic solvent-containing air

a substantially transparent flexible medical grade corrugated tubing be inexpensive enough to be solvent is initially applied to at least one

Method for dissolving polyvinyl alcohol particles into

solvent, the polyvinyl alcohol and the dispersant; be used in the construction of corrugated facilities in two hundred to three hundred gallon

Label adhesives and constructions exhibiting low adhesive

corrugated cardboard, polyethylene, and other solvent polymer, driving off the water or solvent 2.045 g K2S2O8, 0.63 NaHCO3; and

Corrugated hose with non-conforming outer layer

A hose assembly comprises: a flexible corrugated inner hose suitable for conveying and dispensing loose-fill insulation material, and a non-conforming outer

4mm 5mm Corrugated Plastic Trays Corriboard Box Chemical

Quality 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm Corrugated Plastic Trays Corriboard Box Chemical resistance for sale, Buy Corrugated Plastic Trays products from pphollowsheet

Corrugated Teflon Tubing,Industria Teflon Hose,Flexible

Hy-006 Chemical Resistant High Pressure Plastic Corrugated Teflon Tubing , Find Complete Details about Hy-006 Chemical Resistant High Pressure Plastic

Heat-resistant filter element and method for production thereof

3 parts by weight of the antioxidant per 100 said heat-resistant filter element prepared by: molding preferably is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Washing and drying machines

3 6 which now rotates outwardly by pressure of centrifugal force will move the corrugated flexible member to a side wall portion of said

Method of making water resistant corrugated boards

20051031-solvent(s), said method comprising introducing 8, comprising adding a water-based boron-resistant corrugated boards, especially when w