subsea bop hose 1.5 inch japanese

Optimization of Subsea BOP Stack Control System Based on

In view of the advantages of low cost and fast communication in wireless communication technology, a new control system of subsea BOP stack based on

Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Subsea BOP Control

The reliability and safety of subsea BOP and its control system are of great importance concerning about the problem of work difficulty,succor,operation

Analysis on the reliability of subsea BOP and control system

Based on the extreme challenge of safety operation due to harsh environment and complex technology at ultra-deepwater,subsea BOP and control system is

Robust HPHT Well Completion Concept for Subsea-Horizontal

BOP = Blowout Preventer CRA = Corrosion Resistant(inch) FWHP (bara) WC (fraction) GOR (Sm3/to be developed subsea from multi-well templates

Method and apparatus for subsea hose replacement

Systems and methods for replacing a hose coupled to a BOP located subsea are provided. Embodiments include coupling an electromechanical tool to a hose

End Connections on the Pressure Integrity of a Subsea BOP

Publication » Effects of Blowout Preventer End Connections on the Pressure Integrity of a Subsea BOP Stack Under Riser Loads. Effects of Blowout Prevent

FMECA Analysis of Deepwater Subsea BOP System

FMECA analysis method was applied to deepwater subsea BOP system in order to investigate key unit equipment and fault mode in the system for more



Petri Nets for Reliability Evaluation of Subsea Annular BOP

201375-Using Stochastic Petri Nets for Reliability Evaluation of Subsea Annular BOPSubsea annular blowout preventerstochastic Petri netsreliability

Fishing in the subsea BOP: DP has its limits. A disconnect

Fishing in the subsea BOP: DP has its limits. A disconnect was required that resulted in a small fish and a unique way to solve the problem

New Generation Control System for 20 KSI Subsea BOP

SHANKS E,REYNOLDS S,DALEY H,et al.New generation control system for 20 KSI subsea BOP[R].OTC 23473,2012.Shanks, E., Reynolds, S., Daley, H

Subsea BOP stack built for Caspian drilling

Subsea BOP stack built for Caspian drillingAbstract Shaffer Inc. recently completed construction of a multi-million dollar subsea drilling system for Caspmor

of the Fatigue Life and Abandonment Judgment of Subsea BOP

There is no specialized judgment of abandonment for subsea BOP at present,and the applicability of the common index is not good enough to be used to

Subsea BOP Stack Systems

Subsea BOP Stack SystemsLoads, Bending

Discussion on Configuration of Subsea BOP Stack and Its

subsea BOP and its control system.Different from the present technical standard and the configuration of HYSY981 ultra-deep water drilling unit,the capacity


A system for supplying a chemical dispersant to a subsea hydrocarbon discharge site comprises a surface vessel including a dispersant storage tank and a

Subsea hydraulic control system

A subsea hydraulic control system 10 supplies hydraulic fluid to operate subsea equipment SE, which in exemplary application may be a blowout preventer

Pressure biased shuttle valve

the 1 inch model is designed for a 250 gpm and relatively low flow rates into the hose tocommunication with the BOP on the subsea wellhead

Subsea bop stack control system

Abstract of the Disclosure An improvement is provided in a system for controlling a subsea blowout preventer in which blowout preventer functions are operated

Current Study on Choke and Kill Line Connector of Subsea BOP

Shaffer hydraulic subsea BOP choke and kill line connector have been introduced,and their design features and advantages and disadvantages have been analyzed

Reliability of Deepwater Subsea BOP Systems and Well Kicks

ReliabilityOffshoreBlowout Preventer KickPer HolandHammad Awan

Subsea BOP, Secondary Intervention System

Subsea BOP Safety is the most important issue for all industry, especially this distance in 5 to 30 seconds depending on water depth and hose type

Subsea Drilling. BOP Umbilicals, Hotlines and Stack Hoses

Parker Subsea Drilling BOP Umbilicals, Hotlines and Stack Hoses One Source for all Hydraulic BOP Connections From topside connections, to plumbing the stack

High pressure subsea BOP system

Subsea BOP Control System With Dual-Action Check ValveA subsea hydraulic system comprises a dual (or dual action) check valve on a port for connection

Subsea bop pressure regulator for fluid hammer effect reduction

Subsea bop pressure regulator for fluid hammer effect reductionA method of reducing hydraulic shock in a BOP system including a pressure regulator 10 having

Process for subsea deployment of drilling equipment

An apparatus, system and process for deployment of subsea drilling equipment through a moon pool of a drilling vessel is disclosed. The drilling equipment

BOP control system and methods for using same

A BOP subsea control system utilizes hydraulic control of non-critical functions, and electro-hydraulic control of selected critical functions, such as the

Used Bop Equipment Subsea for sale. Cameron equipment more

Search for used bop equipment subsea. Find Cameron for sale on Machinio. Subsea Annular BOP BTX-SAR-15-117 Brookshire, TX, USAClick to Request Pric

Capacity analysis on accumulator of deepwater subsea BOP

Design Thinking of Autoshear and Deadman System of Subsea BOP Comparing to the API RP53, the API Standard 53 published by American Petroleum Institute(

Pressure release valve for a subsea blowout preventer

The difficulty arises from the fact that the subsea BOP is situated on and being connected by a high pressure hose to the pressure source on