gas hose subsea bop hose 1.5 inch


Sensor and communications systems for communicating measurements from subsea equipment, such as at an offshore well, to the surface. A sensor for a

Subsea operating valve connectable to low pressure recipient

A valve useable in an undersea apparatus for generating a force for closing a blowout preventer (BOP) based on a pressure difference between a low

Subsea hydraulic control system

A subsea hydraulic control system 10 supplies hydraulic fluid to operate subsea equipment SE, which in exemplary application may be a blowout preventer

For use in drilling of seep water oil/gas wells

gases that have become trapped in the annulus under the subsea BOP. and being connected by a high pressure hose to the pressure source on

Analysis on the reliability of subsea BOP and control system

Based on the extreme challenge of safety operation due to harsh environment and complex technology at ultra-deepwater,subsea BOP and control system is

US Patent # 1,013,2135. Subsea drilling system with

20181120-A subsea drilling system that includes a blowout preventer (BOP) stack with accumulators. The drilling system also includes an intensifier t

maintaining controlled flow of hydrocarbons during subsea

20121227-gas bubbles out of the first end of the seal (BOP), damaged subsea riser or other subsea for example a 32 inch (81 cm) diameter pipe

Subsea force generating device and method

2015322-containing a fluid or gas at a first pressure.subsea valve on the BOP stack or production of the cylinder 136 via a pipe or hose 132

Subsea Drilling. BOP Umbilicals, Hotlines and Stack Hoses

Parker Subsea Drilling BOP Umbilicals, Hotlines and Stack Hoses One Source for all Hydraulic BOP Connections From topside connections, to plumbing the stack

Method for capping a well in the event of subsea blowout

A method for capping a subsea wellbore having a failed blowout preventer proximate the bottom of a body of water includes lowering a replacement blowout

Capacity analysis on accumulator of deepwater subsea BOP

ReliabilityOffshoreBlowout Preventer KickPer HolandHammad Awan

Process for subsea deployment of drilling equipment

An apparatus, system and process for deployment of subsea drilling equipment through a moon pool of a drilling vessel is disclosed. The drilling equipment

Riser method and apparatus

The riser system includes a small diameter riser that can be disconnected from the subsea BOP/wellhead assembly to obtain access to the wellbore for large

MUX BOP database mirroring

MUX BOP database mirroring United States Patent 8149133 Abstract: An hoses and control lines extending between the surface and subsea facilities

System and method for rigging up well workover equipment

hoses and valves of a kill line and a choke platform or rig to a subsea x-mas tree on as on a drilling Blow Out Preventer (BOP)

Subsea Completion with a Wellhead Annulus Access Adapter

The reliability and safety of subsea BOP and its control system are of great importance concerning about the problem of work difficulty,succor,operation

Fairings for drilling riser control pod hoses

elements comprises a wireline and a drilling riser control pod the control pod of the BOP or otherwise control remote, subsea

Systematic Technology Qualification for HPHT Subsea BOP Stack

Systematic Technology Qualification for HPHT Subsea BOP Stack Equipment and Existing 18 ¾ BOPs cannot accommodate new oil and gas discoveries that

Subsea production systems

A subsea production system is disclosed. The subsea production system may comprise a well head, a tubing spool, a tubing hanger, an annulus, a

- Systematic Technology Qualification for HPHT Subsea BOP

(2015-05-04)] Offshore Technology Conference - Systematic Technology Qualification for HPHT Subsea BOP Stack Equipment and System to Improve Safety,

Arrangement and method for regulating bottom hole pressures

The surface BOP has a gas bleeding outlet. The the subsea well being coupled to a drilling hose 31 with a controllable non return valve 37


SUBSEA DIVERTERS HANDLE SHALLOW GAS KICKSAbstract When drilling offshore, (1) a subsea BOP stack with an integral diverter, and (2) a subsea

Deepwater Hydraulic Control System

said hose having an inner diameter less than about 3/16 inch and subsea BOP response time, in large part because (A) the time required to

15000psi Subsea BOP Stack For Sale - 18 3/4inch- Worldoils

Houses Mini Submarines Oil Gas Equipment Marketpsi Subsea BOP Stack For Sale - 18 3/4inch 41. Coflexip hose (flanged x flanged, 3-1/

Subsea BOP, Secondary Intervention System

Subsea BOP, Secondary Intervention SystemSubsea BOPseconds depending on water depth and hose type. 《International Petroleum Natural Gas Congress

Method and apparatus for subsea hose replacement

Systems and methods for replacing a hose coupled to a BOP located subsea are provided. Embodiments include coupling an electromechanical tool to a hose

API Rp 53 Bop Equipment

2013129-API Rp 53 Bop Equipment - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. BOP Inspection gas industry in prom

Robust HPHT Well Completion Concept for Subsea-Horizontal

BOP = Blowout Preventer CRA = Corrosion ResistantGas Oil Ratio HPHT = High Pressure High to be developed subsea from multi-well templates

Method and system for return of drilling fluid from a sealed

gas accumulations in the subsea riser R or lowpressure losses in a 4 inch diameter hose; andIn addition to using the BOP stack as a


SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CAPPING A SUBSEA WELL A method for capping a subsea wellbore comprises (a) identifying a subsea landing site on the BOP or